Have you dreamt of going on an overseas trip, but feel that you lack the experience required and are wondering if you’ll manage this new discipline ?

Or maybe you are the only person in your group of angling friends that is lucky enough to be able to go on a dream trip ?

Obviously you can go alone but there is always a high financial penalty for having a boat to yourself, and let’s admit it, it’s a lot less fun when there is no healthy competition or somebody to share the highs and lows of the day with.

We pride ourselves on offering the best escorted trips out there. On an escorted trip you will have the benefit of being accompanied from start to finish, by somebody that is more than familiar with all of our locations, and most of the methods used around the world.

We always try and get the members of the group together well in advance of the trip, either physically or virtually to discuss best lures and equipment, which means that you shouldn’t be wasting your money on inappropriate gear as well as having a rough idea of who you’re travelling with rather than desperately looking around the airport for somebody with a rod tube or a huge bag of jigs and lures !!

Additionally the host will also usually have a few spare bits and pieces as well as being able to teach you all of the required knots and methods for your given location and will accompany you on the boats if further advice is required.

It is also sometimes nice to have somebody on location to escalate any issues on the rare occasions that any issues arise.

Most importantly, unlike other operators there is no price difference between escorted and non-escorted trips. Neither does the presence of a host affect the fishing times or number of rods. If you are fishing 3 to a boat, the host will be one of these bodies. 

These are our most popular trips and fill up well in advance and we have many repeat clients, some of whom progress to forming their own smaller groups for future trips.

Our escorted trips that are currently scheduled are as below: 


Madagascar           11 March 22 – 23 March 22    — Trip Full       Details 

Panama                   25 April 22 – 5 May 22             — 2 Spaces    Details   

Canada Salmon     20 August 22 – 28 August 22 — 4 Spaces    Details   

Zambia                  September 22                        —Trip Full       Details

Canada Sturgeon  November 2022                     — 6 Spaces   Details

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