A truly unique fish, with the greatest hearing senses of any fish and a truly unmistakeable dorsal fin.

For lure anglers there is no better sight than to see this dorsal fin scything through the water as the fish jink backwards and forwards focussing only on your lure, usually to turn away frustratingly at the last moment. Fightwise they are extremely strong and will often go aerial in their fight for freedom.

This enigmatic and iconic species can also be incredibly frustrating, one day they will take absolutely everything thrown at them only to ignore everything, or disappear completely the next.

However they are a species that should appear in every travelling anglers photo collection.

The best location for these is our lodge in Panama where they can be caught on slow jigs and stickbaits as well as poppers and exist there to world record proportions, fish close to 100lbs have been caught at this location. This lodge is lure only so you can experience everything yourself rather than being handed a bait with a livebait on that has hooked itself.

Details of our Panama trips can be found here.

Note : All photos on this page are our customers on recent trips, something not all operators do ….

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