The sturgeon is unique in it’s prehistorical appearance. Unmistakeable but with subtle differences caused by the environment that it has grown up in. The clearer the water the darker the fish and the sharper the scutes along it’s sides.

A hard fighting, acrobatic fish that an grow to well over 12 feet and 1,000 lbs. A 6 foot fish is a very achievable target when sturgeon fishing.

The bites of these fish are sometimes more akin to a small roach or chub on a quivertip but this is where the subtleness ends. Once you have set the hook you are in for an arm wrenching battle in a stunning location.

The best location for these is British Columbia we use one of the oldest, most established operators out there and we conform with all of the recommended sturgeon tagging and handling requirements. None of the unsavoury shots of large fish with their heads lifted out of the water, which can damage the fish. 

Details of our Canada trips can be found here.

Note : All photos on this page are our customers on recent trips, something not all operators do ….

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