Fishing in Canada

Williams Creek Lodge is a fantastic lodge located near Terrace on a creek with copious amounts of trout and salmon. Most of the fishing will be done in the Terrace & Kitimat areas with many rivers to choose from. Williams Creek Lodge specialises in an off the beaten track approach for steelhead and salmon giving the anglers the opportunity to fish away from the crowds and find that solitude we all seek. You will fish the coastal rivers out of Douglas channel in Kitimat – this will give you access to these rivers from the ocean.
The water in these magnificent rivers is green and there are over 30 rivers to choose from in the area plus you have the ocean fishing as well. So it is entirely possible to be catching halibut one day and salmon the next.
Couple this with outstanding scenery and awesome fishing, why would you want to go anywhere else?

A unique feature of this lodge is that it not only offers fly fishing but is an excellent location for catching these stunning, hard fighting fish on spoons, spinners and lures and these methods are positively encouraged.

The Accommodation

The lodge is situated in Williams Creek which has salmon and trout in the front yard!
Anglers will stay in the comfort of the beautiful Williams Creek Lodge for 7 nights. At the end of each day you will have the chance to relax over a beer or two and tell stories about the one that got away. At Williams Creek Lodge you will experience fine dining from a world class chef. Add this to the superb, well decorated rooms and lounge, this place will be hard to beat.

Each morning you will have a big breakfast at the lodge and you’ll take a big packed lunch containing sandwiches and snacks plus a cooler full of cold beverages.

At the lodge you will be offered free beer, in moderation, as well as wine before dinner.
You can also go to the liquor store at anytime during the trip as town is very close. If you have a specific drink requirement then you can call at a liquor store after leaving the airport and before arriving at the lodge.

Target Species

Main species are pacific salmon and steelhead. There are 5 species of salmon in the rivers around Terrace & Kitimat. This region is also home to record size steelhead.

April is steelhead and steelhead only. This is a great month but only for the hardcore angler and can produce world class steelhead but remember this is quality over quantity, but the reward is probably the best of the season.
June is for king salmon and this marks the beginning of their run up the rivers.

As July comes around its all systems go with all species available by the month’s end.

August is by far the best month for all species and numbers of fish – it’s not uncommon to catch all 5 species.
September is back to mostly all salmon, but steelhead is still on the menu.

Come October it is steelhead galore with Coho salmon added to the mix too.
To reach certain sections of the river, you will be transported via a jet boat through the beautiful meandering creeks and rivers.

For the angler that wants a challenge, you can try and catch all 5 species in 5 days. Grand slam is all 5 species of pacific salmon.

Golden grand slam is 5 species of salmon and a steelhead.
The best slam of all being all 5 species of salmon a steelhead and halibut.


Specialist equipment is available at this location and is included in the cost.


Sample Itinerary

Given the current situation please contact us directly to confirm prices but as a rough guide expect to pay around £4,100 per person.

This includes full board accommodation at the lodge ( max 2 to a room ), all transfers and international flights, 6 days fishing, ( max 2 to a boat) and beer and wine with evening meals.

Contact us directly for more information and a tailored itinerary.

Escorted group trips incur no extra costs, unlike some other operators, contact us for dates of these trips.

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