This exciting new discovery has been described as one of, if not the best tarpon fisheries in the world.

Accommodation is ideally located in a nearby marina, with pool and bars and restaurants within walking distance, with direct flights available.

As with any destination there are bad days and good days but in 5 years they have had one blank session, a usual day consists of  multiple tarpon, up to and above 200 lb with 100lb fish a regular, almost daily occurrence.

A recent trip yielded 126 tarpon in 3 days !! 

One day in December 2022 an astonishing 91 fish were landed in one day on their 2 boats, just consider those numbers for a minute, that is 6 fish per hour per boat, a tarpon every 10 minutes for 8 hours straight !

All tackle is included for bait fishing and is of a very high standard and the lodge is all inclusive, including food beer and soft drinks.

Fly fishermen are more than welcome but will need to bring their own tackle.

This location has 2 boats that can both fish 4 anglers comfortably.

A typical fishing day will be an early breakfast followed by 8 hours fishing, with a packed lunch on board, returning late afternoon top recover!!

This is primarily a tarpon fishery but other species such as Jacks and Snappers are also available but with tarpon volumes like these they are obviously the primary target.

The best time of year to visit this location is between May and the end of January, February, March and April are best avoided.


Sample Itinerary

Given the current situation please contact us directly to confirm prices but as a rough guide expect to pay around £3,800 per person ( Excluding airport taxes, currently approx £300 )

This includes B&B accommodation at the marina hotel ( twin room, limited single rooms available at a supplement ), all transfers and international flights, conventional rods and reels, 5 days fishing, max 4 to a boat. We can add additional days or reduce boat numbers as requested.

Contact us directly for more information and a tailored itinerary.

Escorted group trips incur no extra costs, unlike some other operators, contact us for dates of these trips

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