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Fishing The Maldives

99% of the Maldives 90.000 km² is covered by the sea. The remaining 1% is made up of 1190 islands which are spread over 26 atolls.    Each island is surrounded by reefs and with more than 800 km from North to South (and up to 130 km from East to West) there is a serious expanse of water to fish. With the boat based in Malé, roughly in the middle of the Maldives, we can move in any direction to find the best possible fishing.    We mainly fish reef edges, either casting on to the reef or fishing the deeper water near the drop offs. All kind of reef species patrol along these edges and with one reef after the other, we rarely spent much time running the boat. Few fishing grounds – if any – are as beautiful to fish as the Maldives.   The combination of clear water, changing depths, numerous shades of blue and tiny islands with bright white beaches and palm trees is difficult to find better. Some atolls are deep on the inside with wider cuts in the reef and here you might even hook off shore species like sailfish or tuna when popping for reef species.   At other times we can go off shore chasing yellowfin tuna but most often we stay inside the atolls.    Though the reefs of the Maldives sees an abundance of species the country’s commercial fishery is mainly an off shore fishery for skipjack and yellowfin tuna. Only simple hand lining for grouper is carried out in shore.

The video below has been provided by our good friends at Getaway Sea Fishing and GT Fishers to showcase this fantastic location.

Fishing the Maldives

Please note there are many variations/itineraries for this destination and, of course, you can elect to stay for longer.

The boat

You will fish from a locally built 37 foot speedboat with a 500 HP engine at the stern.  It has a cabin that is very convenient when doing longer transfers or seeking shelter from a torrential tropical rainfall. From the large front deck up to four anglers can fish when rotating between casts. The back end of the boat is best suited for either light tackle spinning or jigging. There are 14 rod holders on the boat’s roof to hold rigged up rods. Speed jigging rods can easily be stored in the cabin until needed. There are usually diving masks and snorkels on the boat and we strongly recommend that you take a break from fishing and try it. The Maldives offers excellent snorkelling on the edge of the reefs – an amazing experience you shouldn’t miss.


The accommodation used is often local guesthouses. It’s good value for money and by now we have so many guest house partners that we can move all over the Maldives, rarely fishing one area for more than seven days before relocating for the next week – a great way to keep fishing pressure at a minimum instead of hammering the same spots again and again.

The guesthouses are most often located on some of the larger islands. Usually there is also a few restaurants where one can dine after fishing, plus some small grocery shops.

The guesthouses aren’t very luxurious but they are always clean, with air condition and private bath rooms – and really, what more do you need on a fishing trip?

Luxury resorts

If you prefer the best possible accommodation in the Maldives, there are plenty of resorts.   Most have their own private islands and they are located in beautiful surroundings.    Here, you can even buy alcohol which is forbidden on the local islands. We can organise pickups from selected luxury resorts.

The downside? The resorts are really expensive and they will raise the cost of your fishing trip significantly ! Whether it’s worth it is up to you to decide but don’t forget that you are on the water in most of the light hours of the day anyway so you won’t see much of your fancy resort in daylight.

Larger groups

For larger groups (up to 10 persons) we can also add a mother-ship that accommodates the whole group. You will then have the freedom of staying put  when the fishing is hot and moving to a new area when it is not. Splitting the group in two means that half the group will fish from the mother-ship and the other half from the speedboat – maybe meeting up for lunch and then changing boats for the second part of the day.    A great way to spend a fishing trip with your friends!

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