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Fishing Zambezi

For the uninitiated the tiger fish is probably Africa’s finest and most awesome game fish.  For sheer aggression – pound for pound – it must rank as one of the world’s most powerful freshwater species and the Zambezi is full of them!   The tiger possesses a  ferocious  set of  18 large, triangular razor sharp teeth enclosed in a bony head and is distinctive by its black/blue lateral tiger stripes with bright yellow and red caudal fin. Where else in the world can you game view and fish simultaneously – often just yards from a herd of elephant.

This is also a photographer’s paradise – the sunrises and sunsets on the Zambezi River have to be witness to be believed  and no two are the same. The best months are September and October, before the rains start. Vundu are not found in the Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls but there are many downstream.



On the Lower Zambezi River 


Tiger fish in the 5 – 18 lbs range. Vundu catfish 10 – 60lbs. Bottle nose 3 – 15 lbs, plus Chessa, Nkupe and Tilapia


Ledger rod and fixed spool reel, size 10 hooks to ledger for bait fish. Tiger rod [1 ¾ lbs tc carp rod] with 6500 size multiplier and 30 – 50 lbs braid. Vundu: an uptide rod with 10,000 size multiplier and 40lbs mono or 50 lbs braid Spinners and diving plugs also catch tiger fish. Fly rodders have success using wide gape flies like 4/0 or 5/0 Clouser minnows in green/white, or red/white, dressed short. A 9 weight forward sink tip line outfit is ideal


Obtained daily at park entrance


Shirts & shorts & a wide brimmed hat. 80 to 90 degrees, Very hot during peak season


September – October


Comfortable riverside lodges


Usual for tropical Africa. An anti malaria course is essential – seek professional advice


Must be valid 6 months after the return date


Purchased on arrival in Lusaka airport




A fish packed week with exotic birds and big game animals always in sight while you fish. Tiger fish are high leaping and extremely fast. Testing tackle to the utmost, while big Vundu catfish are one of Africa’s largest and most powerful predators. A fabulous weeks fishing. My two TV shows made for Discovery and filmed here several years ago contained Tiger fish to 14 lbs, Vundu to 60 lbs and Bottlenose to 15 lbs. Fishing has not changed to this day!!

Sample Itinerary

Day 1:

Heathrow  -> Jo’Burg ( 19:10 / 07:10 )

Day 2:

Jo’Burg -> Lusaka ( 10:30 / 12:35 )

You will be met at the airport and transferred by light aircraft to our camp on the banks of the Lower Zambezi. All-inclusive accommodation (meals, drinks, guided fishing, laundry)

Days 3 – 8:

Full day guided ( All Inclusive )

Day 9:

Breakfast at the lodge before transfer to Lusaka

Lusaka -> Jo’Burg ( 13:15 / 15:20 )

Jo’Burg -> Heathrow ( 19:05 / 05:05 )

Day 10:

Arrive Heathrow 05:05


Hi Christine,

Just a couple of lines to say thank for putting together a superb trip. I cannot think of a way in which it could have been improved; the camp was amazing as was the service and the guiding and the fishing was everything one could hope for.
Our guide, Luke, reputed to be the best on the river,and who are we to argue, gave us some memorable fishing and some sociable days. I think we finished up with over 40 tigers, awaiting final tally from Tony, largest being 14.5lb. the next  one of 14lb., with a number of doubles and a Vundu of over 50lb. Quite a week, photos to follow.

Many thanks,

( October 2014 )
Hi Christine,
What a great trip, one of my best, I knew the manager ,Debbie from Royal Zambezi , which was a good start. Nothing was too much trouble and we had a great guide. 
Best regards
( October 2014 )

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