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Fishing Holiday Panama

A higher class of service from your room to your boat – dock to dining and everything in between.  While we may be slightly bias, we believe and strive to make our lodge and your fishing experience second to NONE!  We think that within five minutes or less of your arrival here at our lodge, you will clearly understand why we named it Paradise Fishing Lodge.  Panama still offers some of the best all around salt water fishing on the planet.  We have many species of fish year round.  We do have a rainy season but our fishing can still be off the charts on any given day throughout the year.  Even during our “rainy season” here near David, Panama, many mornings are beautiful and it may rain only in the afternoon. Paradise Fishing Lodge is located just south of David, Panama in Quebrada de Piedra, Chiriqui, Panama.   We are not too far from the renowned Coiba National Marine Park which consists of the island of Coiba (the largest island in Central America) and 37 surrounding islands and islets, all of which are about 30 miles off the Panamanian coast in the Gulf of Chiriquí.  This entire region is known to have some of the BEST world class salt water sport fishing around!


As a tourist, you will have no difficulty with the currency “exchange” because there is none. Panama has adopted the U. S. dollar as their currency, though locals call the dollar a “Balboa” after the famous explorer. Credit cards are accepted at the finer hotels and restaurants in Panama City. Otherwise, it is best to carry a large supply of smaller denomination bills – nothing larger than $20’s. Bills of $50 and $100 can be hard to spend or exchange throughout the country!


English is considered Panama’s second language. In Panama City you can expect the people in the nicest hotels, bars and restaurants to speak English fluently. Once outside of the cities, you may find it helpful to have brushed up on your Spanish, as you are in Latin America.


Panama’s weather is tropical, with daytime temperatures averaging around 85° to 90° on the ocean, and only about five to 10 degrees cooler at night. December through April is the dry season, often with little or no rain. The other months of the year can be quite humid, with tropical rain showers in the afternoons, some of which can be quite strong, but usually of short duration. You would be EXTREMELY well served to bring a sun screen with a SPF rating of fifty ( 50 ) or higher. Preferrably SPF: 70-80 – Also don’t forget the lip protectant!


The people of Panama are friendly and the crime rate is low. Panama City is a large metropolis, so just as you would in any big city, exercise caution. In the central banking and shopping district (where you will be staying), you can feel very safe. If you go out at night, just take one of the many friendly cabs. In David, you are generally safe day and night but as anywhere on the planet you should always exercise due diligence and caution when traveling in unfamiliar surroundings.

Panama Fishing Species List

Black Grouper
Black Marlin
Black Fin Tuna
Blue Jack
Blue Marlin
Cubera Snapper
Goliath Grouper
Horse-Eye Jack
Jack Crevalla
Lane Snapper
Mullet Snapper
Red Snapper
Rooster Fish
Sail Fish
Spotted Grouper
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellow Snapper

Sample Itinerary

5 FULL DAYS days fishing on one of our Center Console sport fishing boats and top of the line sport fishing gear, experienced captain and mate, lunch and beverages on board.

6 nights stay in our Deluxe air-conditioned cabins.
All food and beverages with open bar served in our swim up pool bar.
Spectacular pacific ocean views from every cabin, pool and restaurant.

Please contact us for up to date prices.



Below is a season chart to serve as a general guideline–timeline for in season species.  Certainly every year is different and the weather on any given month/year will always be a factor, but this hopefully will help if you are looking for more opportune windows for a particular specie ( s )…


Aerial tour of the lodge

Fishing in Panama

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UK based tackle suppliers are very few and far between for this kind of equipment however we highly recommend Terry at Jigabite as your first port of call.

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