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Popping & Jigging in Panama

This exciting French run lodge is the first and only one based on the Tuna Coast, which is one of the best sport fishing destinations in Panama.
Panafishing Adventures fishing lodge was created by Pascal Artieda, who spent one year searching for the best spot on the Pacific coast of Panama. The Tuna Coast and Pedasi were selected among many other places, for its wonderful diversity of fish and untouched waters. Nowadays, it is a privilege to fish in such protected area (netting is forbidden) and it allows us to practice all the new fishing techniques in optimal conditions.
All Central America species are present, and after several seasons of operation, we can say that it is the world’s best area for record Roosterfish. Specimens over a hundred pounds have been caught here. Our French-Panamanian team will be pleased to welcome and guide you through an unforgettable saltwater Fishing Adventure.
This lodge is significantly cheaper than other destinations in Panama but does not lack anything and caters more for the European style fisherman. Primarily you will be fishing with poppers, stickbaits and jigs with the occasional spell of live-baiting. This location is more suited to the active fisherman who is happy to spend the day popping, casting and jigging. Once you have experienced the take of a large Cubera or Rooster then you too will be hooked on this method.

  • Popping and speed-jigging specialists
  • Pristine area with no other sport fishing boats
  • Large variety of species and technique
  • Same captains since 2006
  • Purpose-built, comfortable lodge
  • 2 CC and 2 Catamarans that comfortably fish 2 to 4 anglers
  • Picturesque small lodge
  • Short boat rides to the fishing grounds
  • Specialized, top-quality gear rental for all budgets
  • Catch and Release for all species
  • Possible same day transfer from the airport to the lodge
  • Sociable atmosphere


As a tourist, you will have no difficulty with the currency “exchange” because there is none. Panama has adopted the U. S. dollar as their currency, though locals call the dollar a “Balboa” after the famous explorer. Credit cards are accepted at the finer hotels and restaurants in Panama City.


English is considered Panama’s second language. In Panama City you can expect the people in the nicest hotels, bars and restaurants to speak English fluently. The management of the lodge are fluent in English, French and Spanish.


Panama’s weather is tropical, with daytime temperatures averaging around 85° to 90° on the ocean, and only about five to 10 degrees cooler at night. Pedasi is in the “dry arc of Panama” and is the driest part of the country, although there is a rainy season this is not as bad as other areas, we have entire weeks of suns in the middle of the wet season. You would be EXTREMELY well served to bring a sun screen with a SPF rating of fifty ( 50 ) or higher. Preferrably SPF: 70-80 – Also don’t forget the lip protectant!


The people of Panama are friendly and the crime rate is low. Panama City is a large metropolis, so just as you would in any big city, exercise caution. In the central banking and shopping district (where you will be staying), you can feel very safe. If you go out at night, just take one of the many friendly cabs. In Pedasi, you are generally safe day and night but as anywhere on the planet you should always exercise due diligence and caution when traveling in unfamiliar surroundings.

Panafishing Species List

Snapper: many kinds of snappers are present in the tuna coast waters, but the big cubera snapper and the mullet snapper are the main targets for angler. Cubera has an average weight of 40 lbs and can reach 100lbs.

Fishing techniques:

 Fishing Techniques : big poppers, stickbaits and live bait.

Roosterfish: The emblematic sportfish of Central America is very abundant in these waters with an amazing average size. Many specimens over 100lbs. have been caught on top- water lures. 
Fishing Techniques : top-water lures and live baits. Occassionaly jigging.

Amberjack: living in big schools, mostly in deep waters, the amberjack is a very powerful fish. Average weight 20lbs to 80lbs. 
Fishing Techniques : Jigging, live bait, topwater lures.

Jacks: living in big schools, they are fun to fish with spinning top-water lures. There are four species of jacks: yellow, blue, bigeye and pompano. Average weight goes from 5 to 30lbs.
Fishing Techniques :  light top-water lures, livebait and trolling.

Groupers: You can find a wide variety of groupers, including Jewfish (over 500 pounds), broomtail grouper (100lbs).
Fishing Techniques : Jigging, dead and live baits.


Yellowfin Tuna: huge schools of them can be found here, at times very close to shore. The weight of the of the yellowfin tuna goes from 10lbs to 150lbs, depending on the season.
Fishing Techniques : spinning top water lures, bait, trolling.

Dolphin fish: can also be found very close to the shore, Dolphin fish is very abundant from May till December. Average weight from 10 to 70lbs.

Fishing Techniques : spinning top water lures and trolling.

Wahoo: it can be found in very specific areas along the coast. Its average weight is 30lbs.

Fishing Techniques: trolling and lures.

Sailfish: present year round in average numbers but for a small season, sailfish are abundant in our secret spots from 10 to 20 miles offshore. Can reach 200lbs.
Fishing Techniques: trolling.


Sharks: The most common shark we catch is the black tip one, but we can also find the tiger shark, bull shark, white tip etc. up to 200lbs.
Fishing Techniques: spinning top water lures, dead and live baits.

And also: mullet snapper, rock snapper, silk snapper, skipjack tuna, bonito, rainbow runner, corvina, barracuda, tarpon, milkfish, needlefish, etc.


The Fishing

Just to clarify, this is a very active trip, you will be casting for long periods and also speed jigging, although slow jigging is also available.

This is not the trip for you if you want to sit behind a trolled bait for most of the day, however, it will give you some of the most spectacular hits on lures that you have ever experienced.

The Lodge

The lodge was purpose-built to accommodate our distinguished customers, who wish to have a peaceful fishing vacations.

The lodge Panafishing Adventure is located outside of the town of Pedasì, 4 hours from Panama City. We can organize your transfer by private van or by private plane. Our goal is that our guests enjoy absolute tranquility and harmony with the surrounding nature. You will appreciate its sport fishing atmosphere and its friendly, relaxed vibe.

It is designed with a rustic and country style, without leaving aside the commodities of A/C, hot water and wifi internet. The place is also famous for its simple yet delicious cuisine.

It really is a special place and the nicest accommodation in Pedasi.

Boats and Captains

We run 4 units, 2 powercats TwinVee 26′ and 2  25′ Caribepro center console. All of them are fully equiped for sport fishing and powered by twins engines Suzuki 4 strokes. Each boat has VHF radio, GPS and sounder, livewell and tuna tubes.

Although we have four boats, we never book more than three at any given time so that we always have a spare boat ready to go in case of a major issue. This allows us to guarantee as much as possible the proceeding of our client’s fishing trip.

We use a local style panga as a shuttle from the beach to the fishing boats, since there is no marina or docks in the area.

All our captains work with us from 2006 and are the most experienced in all fishing techniques on the Tuna Coast. If you have never practiced speed jigging or popping they will know how to teach you very quickly.


This style of fishing requires high specification tackle, and this can be provided at the lodge without the need to bring your own rod tubes, additional tackle can also be purchased at the lodge.

Sample Itinerary

When you arrive at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, you will first pass through immigration, then claim your luggage, pass through customs, and meet your driver who will transport you to your hotel. Night in Panama city.

AT 9.00am, the driver will come to pick you up at your hotel after breakfast. It is a 4.30 hours drive to the fishing lodge in Pedasi. A stop will be made for lunch. Arrival in the beginning of the afternoon, welcome drink with the manager and once you have settled in your room, you will have plenty of time to organize your fishing tackle.
Every morning, breakfast is served at 6.45 am, meanwhile 1 cooler for each boat is prepared by the kitchen staff. They will ask you if you want beers and sodas. As soon as you finish your breakfast, we will drive you to the beach, where the captain will be waiting for you. Lunch is taken on the boat around midday (depending on the fishing action of course!). All the captains have to come-back at 4.45pm.
We will drive you back to the lodge, where you can relax, have a drink (or 2…) and a massage. We will prepare a delicious and varied dinner for you and serve it around 7.30 pm.
We recommend a minimum of 5 days of fishing, in order to make the most of this fishing experience of a lifetime!

Depending on your flight time, your private car will leave Pedasi to go directly to the airport or to your hotel if you choose to stay in Panama City.

For those of you on a more hurried schedule, you can take the road to Pedasi directly from Tocumen airport the arrival day. Please contact us to organize it for you. In this case you will be able to start fishing in Pedasi the day after your arrival in Panama.
There is also a possibility to fly from Tocumen airport to Pedasi by a private plane. Contact us directly for more information and rates.

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UK based tackle suppliers are very few and far between for this kind of equipment however we highly recommend Terry at Jigabite as your first port of call.

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