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Acunda Island is a true unspoilt paradise, a tiny island in the Bijagos Archipelago, you can walk around the island in 5 minutes and fish from anywhere, including your cabin, and the bar area.  Forget the rest of the world, and surround yourself with some of the best fishing on the planet, a huge diversity of species and methods and excellent hospitality throughout your stay.  Imagine spending the evening on a sandy beach, cold drink in hand, freshly caught Snapper being grilled on a driftwood fire behind you as you lay back in your deckchair, the waves lapping at your feet as you watch the rod tip tapping away until an unknown fish makes your reel sing. This could be anything from a small grouper to a 250 lb ray or even larger shark / guitar fish.  Popper and livebait fishing is exceptional, every fish in Guinea Bissau is angry and none will ever give up the fight easily. Add to this the chances of world record cobia, jacks and tarpon and you have what can only be described as a fisherman’s paradise.


Acunda Island, Bijagos Archipelago, 50kms off mainland


Red Snapper, Cubera Snapper, Barracuda, Sharks, Jack Crevalle, Grouper, Cassava, Tarpon, African Pompano, Rays, Guitar Fish, Cobia, Bonefish, Permit & Leerfish and many more


You can hire tackle from the lodge but if you want to take your own this is what we suggest…

  • Heavy Spinning rod that can cast up to 150g for ‘popping’ when after snappers and jacks
  • a boat rod capable of handling up to 80lbs braid (rods are available in camp to hire)
  • Beach casting rod – mandatory
  • Reels capable of holding at least 300 yds of 50 & 80 lb braid
  • Surface poppers Tsunami / Williamson / Cordell up to 200 mm, 120 mm minimum
  • Small Sabiki rigs / feathers, the smaller the better for bait catching
  • Eagle wave catfish hooks – size 6/0 (at least 50)
  • Swivels – size 1/0 (at least 50)
  • 100 yds of 150lb mono (for hook traces)
  • 100 yds of 100lb mono (for rubbing leaders)
  • weights: 3 to 4 oz lead (at least 20)
  • lead links (at least 20) with sizeable beads, to fit over 100lbs mono The airline charge €100 each way for a rod tube.



Live and dead baits


No fishing permit required


Over the course of a year, the typically varies from 18°C to 35°C and is rarely below 17°C or above 37°C.


November to May


Acunda Island lodge – all meals included


Malaria zone and you need Yellow Fever. Seek professional advice.


Must be valid 6 months after the return date


Purchase Visa on arrival in Bissau




An action packed week with some of the most sought after big salt water species in the Atlantic Ocean.

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UK based tackle suppliers are very few and far between for this kind of equipment however we highly recommend Terry at Jigabite as your first port of call.

Video Tour of Acunda

Video tour of the lodge, it has been updated since this video was taken, and is now even better !!


“Just a quick thanks for the recent trip to Guinea Bissau. To catch over twenty species between us and some of those were seriously big was an amazing experience.

Personally, the jack that I caught, some 60lbs of power!!! will stay with me forever, and the rest of the party all have their memorable fish too. A paradise island with great food and staff. Once again, many thanks”

Martin Chennell, on return from escorted trip to Guinea Bissau


“Everything was handled well from start to finish with SFC Travel and we had another excellent weeks fishing on Acunda, thoroughly recommended”


Simon Orrow, Guinea Bissau 2013 and 2014

More pictures available in Gallery >> Guinea Bissau

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